Monday, February 16, 2004

Hey -- I can do this.
I, for one, welcome our coffee overlords.
Amazing what a couple hours of sleep will do for a guy's outlook -- I'm at the Starbucks in COEX, and it's all coming back to me...not a bad place to live, lots of Wi-fi, good galbi...and looks like the weather's even going to pick up a bit. All in all, a good place to, I've just got to find a job of some kind. Ah, well -- looks like I'm meeting Alex's guy tomorrow. I need to find my good pants.

OH! TRUE STARBUCKS STORY: Pretty much as a joke, my friends and I decided to go to the new Starbucks in Paris...the only one in France. When it was announced, the idea that Parisians would deign to let hideous American coffee touch their lips was widely scoffed at. Well, guess what? We went, and it was standing room only...tables loaded, the line snaking back to the bathrooms. You could barely get the door open. So, my advice: go see France while it's still there. Bleh. >.<


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