Monday, March 22, 2004

Enter TapeMan!
My Korean partner called my landlord a few times about the stench coming from my sink, and he came by the apartment earlier, carrying -- get this -- a larger roll of tape. I had immediate visions of him coming back with ever-growing rolls of tape, trying to find one so large that it could solve any imaginable problem...

As it turned out, he was closer to an actual solution this time. He popped the baseboard off my pressboard sink cabinet, and a smell like Hell itself wafted out. We leaned down, and there was the tube, winding merrily into a stink hole in the floor. He taped all around the hole, and when he was done the smell was gone, leaving only a vaguely chemical-y tape odor. I'll give it a couple days -- I'm still mighty suspicious/doubtful. But for now, rejoice!


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