Saturday, March 20, 2004

Rumor mongering.
According to Head Teacher, The Guy is thinking of quitting, too. I guess the job's too hard for him...supposedly, he's quit 3-4 jobs in the last year on the grounds that they were too difficult. I don't know what's driving him away -- all he's been doing is sitting around on his incompetent, lying ass. It's like a sinking ship, this place. Well, whatever -- I guess Head Teacher's going to talk to the chairman and let me know what's going on Tuesday night.

In other news, one of the kids in my upper-level 2nd grade class (Mike) is really advanced. The rest of the kids are all trying to learn how to write letters and stuff, and he's having full-blown conversations:

NSG: Ok! Let's write a story, like the one in your homework! First we need a title -- the story's name. What's a good story name?
Class: (blank stares)
Mike: Dragon Eggs!
NSG: Uh...ok! Great! Dragon Eggs...(scribble, scribble)
Mike: OK! Once there was a mother dragon...and she is having two eggs, and...
NSG: Good! Ok, hold on...
Mike: And eggs are open, and two baby dragon coming, and FIRE and BOMB...roar!
NSG: Ok, Mike...if you could let another student...
Mike: And a LOT of fire and all people are AAAAH! and blood and die!
NSG: Well, that's not very nice, and our story should be...
Mike: Teacher, how old are you? You going army?
NSG: I'm 24, but...
Mike: Teacher...21, 22, 23...going army*.
NSG: Well, I'm from the USA, so I don't have to go in the army.
Mike: I don't want going army. BUT! I getting machine gun! RAT-TAT-TAT-TAT! BOMB! Ahhhhhh!
NSG: Thank you, Mike. Ok.
Class: (blank stares)

I'm going to talk to his mom about stepping things up a notch for him.

Oh, and check out this video of the opening of the Apple Store in Tokyo.

*military service is required for all Korean males.


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