Wednesday, April 07, 2004

I go to Japan tomorrow! Hurrah! So there might not be an update for a day or so...means I have to get up at 3:30am to catch my 8:00am flight. I'm really tired of dealing with the company, though -- every little thing is a shouting festival, and threats and posturing. I know that that's the way that a lot of things are done in this country, but it's just really stressful.

I feel like I've spent the entire day on the subway -- from my apartment in Nakseongdae to the company (45 minutes), from the company to the Heath Testing Facility so that all the foreigners can get a health certification for the schools we work in (20 minutes), from the facility to my school (1 hour), from my school to my apartment (50 minutes), from my apartment to the company again to get my plane ticket (45 minutes), from the company to my old hagwon to pay some old bills (15 minutes), and from my old hagwon to my apartment again (45 minutes again). What does that work out to? (adding) 4.67 hours!!

The attitude in the office was interesting when I came back in...the chairman was shaking my hand a lot, and talking in Korean in soothing tones to me. I don't know if he has some new-found respect for me because of our hardball this morning/last night, or if he's just being pseudo-friendly to try and keep the company together. Maybe both. A lot of the teachers were telling me that they were really impressed by my performance, so I guess I really did pull a freak-out this morning. Nice to know I'm capable of that.

Well, whatever. It's another free trip to Japan, and Fukuoka's pleasantly near the beach...Oh! Before I forget, check this out. An English teacher in Japan printed out a bunch of Penny Arcade strips, removed the words, and had his students fill in the blanks. It's been linked from everywhere, but maybe you haven't seen it...anyhoo, funny stuff.


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