Tuesday, May 11, 2004

I picked up Harry Potter #3, and it's a really different tone from the first two. Kinda has a darker edge, like Rowling is channeling a bit of Roald Dahl. Makes me want to see the third movie -- and the 2nd. Maybe I'll rent it tonight, I dunno.

Everyone's gearing up for the regional meeting at the company this Saturday...my partner heard from the other teachers that, basically, the company chairman yells for about 3 hours and ignores any complaints or suggestions. I guess he wants us to be teaching 10 classes every two days (we teach 8, because that's what our school wants), we're supposed to be integrating first graders into the program (our school doesn't want to bother, because the 2nd grade kids are hard enough to control), and we're supposed to continue using the horrible textbooks the chairman bought (error-riddled, the parents are complaining -- why, it's as if the person who bought them didn't speak English).

Knowing all that, though, makes me wonder what could possibly take so long. Why can't he just give us a set of bullet points, we nod vaguely, and continue to ignore him?


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