Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Tickets, tickets...
I went into Itaewon after work yesterday to try and find a plane ticket...didn't work out so hot. I tried Korean Air, and the woman made a face and said "OH! The price is horrible!", which is probably something that Korean Air might want to leave off their commercials. It came out to somewhere between 1800-1900 bucks, so I went to a general travel agent. He said that if I was willing to wait until next month, I could get a really great price.

"But, uh...are they going to have any seats left if this is the busy season?"
"Well, if they don't, don't be disappointed!"

So, uh, that was stupid. I finally found a ticket for 1400-ish with China Air...so, Seoul to Beijing to Chicago. That's still a really bad price, though...but my folks are graciously picking up most of it.

Oh, I just found out! I have Buddha's birthday off tomorrow! You never know what surprises that jolly guy's going to give you!


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