Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Watch out, 'cause it's Dog Eat Dog.
I got a call as I was riding the subway this evening...looks like the Chairman wants to meet with me at the company. My heart leapt at first -- I'm getting fired! Freedom! I thought -- but I think that's pretty unlikely. The actual schools we work at would have to do any firing of individual teachers, and I don't think I've done anything so spectacularly bad as to warrant that kind of action. I sent a quick text to the foreigner Head Teacher to see if he had any additional skinny...and it looks like he's quitting the Head Teacher parts of his duties. I guess he's really sick and tired of dealing with the company and taking the flak for all the crap they pull, and he wants to go back to the Simple Life.

So--my new theory is that I'm going to be promoted to Head Teacher. Since this sounds kind of like being promoted from Coal Miner to Mine Canary, I'm thinking that I know what my answer's gonna be. Let's all hope that I'm just going to be fired.


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