Monday, May 10, 2004

Weekend update!
I didn't get too near a computer this weekend, actually; no power leveling in Ragnarok for me this time around. I think that's a good thing. On Friday after work there was a galbi/soju party at the company...since it was the first thing the company's done for us freely without us threatening to quit, I managed to eat about 2 cows worth of beef. I followed it up with a celebratory payday trip to Dongdaemun and got a couple shirts (Bape!) and some of those short floodpants...I don't really do a whole lot of clothes shopping, so that's fairly significant. Hmm...what else? Well, Saturday was kind of a relaxing recovery day, followed by good times in Sinchon...and then we did some more D&D on Sunday night. So, really nothing too special again -- but at least I ate a lot of beef. Any weekend you can say that you can count as good, I think.


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