Monday, June 14, 2004

Dinner next to the sludge tanks.
This picture is the view outside my window at school.  It has nothing to do with sludge tanks.
The D&D group kind of fizzled yesterday -- our Bard and our Ranger are having some couple time right now. We ended up going to a restaurant, and it was one of the weirder places I've been.

For the first thing, it was at a sewage treatment plant. For some reason, the people who zone that kind of thing decided that a good place for a restaurant would be right next to bubbling tanks of curdling human feces. Not just any restaurant, mind; this one is a six-story high revolving restaurant with an observation deck, complete with a synchonized music and light show. The tower's functional, actually -- according to the informational literature on the deck, it's used for burning off the excess gasses released by the plant.

The sewage facility offers a lot more than just fine dining, however -- there's a soccer field, tennis courts, basketball, and (somewhat worryingly) an indoor swimming pool. We talked about how this sort of mishmash might have come about, and we decided that it was to combat NIMBY syndrome:

"We're going to build a waste treatment plant behind your house, ok? Sign here."
"Eew! No!"
"Wait! It's going to be more than a treatment plant -- it's going to be a family fun park, for ages 8 to 88!"
"Ages 8 to 88? Really?"
"You bet! Sign here."

The food itself was...heavily Koreanised western. Lots and lots of sauce, sugar in surprising places. But to be fair, you can't smell the sludge from the restaurant.


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