Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Oh, it's ON.
My Korean partner got a furious call from a mother last night -- looks like her kids have been here for 4 months, and they don't know how do write the alphabet! Now, these kids are very sweet, but they don't do their homework, uh, at ALL, and the mother KNOWS this, but claimed that she is "too busy" to make them do it. She gave my partner hell, basically calling her an unfit teacher...but the interesting thing is, this mother is a high-school English teacher herself.

Which means that I could call her.

Adjumma: Yomoseyo?
NSG: Hi. NSG here. I heard you had some concerns about our teaching methods.
Adjumma: Yes...uh, well, I talked to your partner, and I was so crazy, because my children cannot write the alphabet.
NSG: Yeah. I know they can't.
Adjumma: And...they cannot write any words.
NSG: Right. They don't do their homework.
Adjumma: Well...ah...they are so busy.
NSG: Ok. Well, until they start doing their homework, their English won't improve.
Adjumma: So...what is the solution?
NSG: Well, what we need you to do, is to do the homework with your children every night. In addition, there's a test next week. I'll be giving study guides to your children this week, and you can make sure that they copy them in their notebooks, and study this weekend.
Adjumma: Maybe I should come in and talk to you in person...
NSG: Great. I look forward to seeing you.

I made up a Super Fun Happy Packet for them to do, full of the alphabet homework they were supposed to do two months ago. Update after the meeting.


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