Saturday, July 17, 2004

OMG heal plz.
Turns out that COEX is hosting the official Ragnarok World Conference today and tomorrow. Much nerdery and people running around with bunny ears on their heads. I got a fan, an animation preview disk, and an informative booklet with information about the Ragnarok animation:

Roan: The main character of Ragnarok the Animation. This guy does look goofy but he is the man of the whole story. His forehead does look shiny like a bald but he is it. He is in love with Yufa but Yufa just doesn't know his feeling. Whether or not his feeling reaches Yufa is just yet to come. Stay tuned.

Red hot! Kind of makes me wish that I hadn't quit RO, but some of the people on the English server were unbelieveable tools. Maybe I just needed a cooling off period or something.

Let's see...oh, I hate the new Blogger editing tool. The interface is ok, but it's got a very creepy FrontPage-y thing going, and (worst of all) it puts a hard return at the end of your post. The only way I can figure to keep it from doing that is to edit with BlogThis (which isn't nearly as full-featured). So if you notice some spacing issues in upcoming posts, that's why.


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