Monday, July 12, 2004


So, I rounded off the week last night with a D&D session (I finally got that Mighty Composite Longbow I've been waiting for) and 5,900 All-You-Can-Meat in Guri. They're great, these places -- there's big tubs of raw marinated beef and pork, along with all the nice galbi-style condiments (leaves, doenjang). You cook up as much as you want, and it's like 5 bucks. It's going up to 10,000 won next month, so we're trying to get in as many trips as possible before the price jump. Because, you know, all you can eat 5-dollar meat is good for you.

I think I've discovered the best possible music for studying Japanese: soundtracks to Japanese dating sims. These 'get-girl' games all have basically the same soundtrack, which ends up being sort of a series of tinny dings with a synthetic snare drum. It's not what you'd call quality music, but it seems to help me focus. And, you know, envision that I'm confessing to my high-school love underneath a cherry tree.


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