Thursday, July 15, 2004

Today it rained in big sheets -- soaked right through my $20 pair of bought-in-the-subway dress shoes. Now they smell like a wet cat. They're drying in the hallway.

It's supposed to be nice this weekend for at least one day, so we're planning the trip to Carribean Bay again. I didn't have a garish bathing suit, so I decided to rectify the situation:

While I was there I got some cereal. Did you know that Frosted Flakes come in strawberry yogurt flavor? Well, they do in South Korea.

The box says Kon Purosutu Dalki Yogurutu -- but that's still Tony shilling for it. The taste is...about what you'd expect from strawberry yogurt flavored cereal. Neat, huh? Came with a toy taped to the box, too -- a Spider-Man laser shooter that shoots a spider-shaped laser beam at the wall. So now I can blind children who don't finish their homework.


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