Monday, August 16, 2004

There's a stretching/floor exercise area at the gym; it's a small section near the large dance classrooms with a number of mats for you to do stretches and things on. It's bordered by a series of black exercise machines. I don't know what they're called. They look kind of like large rocking horses. Let's call them Omni-Lumbar Triambulators.

Anyway, I was getting in position to do a (small) number of very manly situps, when I noticed that my head was really close to the seat of the nearest Triambulator. I reached up to grab the seat of the device, so as to give myself a vigorous push away from the machine, but rather than grabbing the seat I managed to grab a young Korean woman's spandex-clad buttocks.

The woman seemed somewhat surprised at this forward gesture, but she took my numerous horrified apologies with a very gentle grace. I wonder if she'll be checking underneath all of her exercise machines in the future for maniacal groping perverts. You can't be too careful about that sort of thing.


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