Saturday, August 07, 2004

Da pump. Da PUMP!
I joined a gym! I kind of got tired of being so sluggish and just sitting around all the time -- but no more. I'm now a member of California WOW, formerly California Fitness.

It was weird signing up. These really aren't my kind of places, as there were few comfy overstuffed chairs or GBA SPs in sight. The contract process was weird, too -- instead of saying "hey, we charge THIS" it was more like a game of how vaguely interested I could sound until he drove the price down to the next level. I think I got an ok deal, ultimately: about $60 a month, and that comes with 2 towels per visit, locker use, and an upbeat personal trainer to show you how to work the machines a couple times. There's a sauna in there, too.

My first workout was...ok. I don't like exercising, really. Or maybe that's I really don't like exercising. Either way. It was really nice after, though -- gets the blood flowing, and it's a nice reminder that I have blood.


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