Monday, August 30, 2004

Man, it was a really good D&D session for me last night! My Elf has his Ride and Jump skills up really high, so my specialty is jumping on guys' backs and stabbing at their necks all Legolas-style. That was working out fine, except I jumped on the back of one guy who could both fly and turn into a gaseous form, so I was stuck 50 feet in mid-air when he turned into vapor on me. One of our NPCs had to cast Featherfall on me so I didn't squish into Elf pudding.

Also, I got these kick-ass slippers that let me walk on walls and ceilings. I might lend them to our Halfling thief for a while next session, though -- there's going to be a need for some clever reconnaissance work, methinks, and that guy's sneaky.


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