Sunday, August 08, 2004


I went to the Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival today. Pretty cool on the whole, but one things stands out.

YBM is doing a series of claymation/CGI cartoons to teach people English. They've got a bunch of wacky characters: Boosh (as in George W.), Go I'm Me (Japanese PM Koizumi), etc. They had a skit which was supposed to teach people the phrase what a lucky day:

Claymation characters of Bush and Koizumi are in a pickup truck, driving along. There's a curvy road sign; Bush ignores it. There's a children at play sign. Bush ignores it. Finally, there's a pedestrian crossing sign. Koizumi shouts at Bush to stop, and he slams on the clay brakes, narrowly missing a woman in a halter top and mini-skirt. Her clay breasts heave suggestively. Koizumi turns to Bush and exclaims "What a lucky day!"

Indeed, Koizumi. I know I won't forget that particular idiom anytime soon.


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