Thursday, August 26, 2004

Mike and his friend came an hour early to class (to take advantage of the complimentary babysitting service we apparently provide), so I took them out for ice cream to get them out of the Korean teacher's hair for a while. Had an interesting conversation with Mike:

"Teacher, the good?"
"Yeah. Yeah, it's pretty good."
"You will be...soldier?"
"Ah...I don't think so. I like being a teacher."
"When I get older, I will be soldier."
"Oh, yeah."

It kind of got me thinking about South Korea's mandatory military service...I guess the kids are thinking about it from that young of an age.

"When I am a soldier, I will have a gun."
"My gun is very FANCY."
"Heh. Yeah."
"But being soldier is scare."
"I guess..."
"And hard."


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