Friday, September 03, 2004

Chicken Fight!
It's like a constant battle today! I came in early this morning so that I could finish writing my progress reports, and the kids started banging like nutso on my door between classes. It's a cheap metal/plastic thing that rattles like nuts when struck, and I finally flipped out and started yelling at those lousy punks to get off my damn lawn, as it were. More or less.

From there it got worse. Today was earmarked as an activity day because my partner was awarding chicken to the students in her classes that had won some sort of activity, and the two worst students in my class were on (surprise) the losing team. And they started crying, and then they started giving the other team death threats. And then some other kids started to fight over the remaining Pepsi (but I solved that problem by taking it and drinking it all). Then the two kids started crying harder. Then they started throwing things and banging on the table. Then the other team started making fun of them for crying, and saying oh, this chicken is sooooo gooooood in Korean, and that made them REALLY angry,, it was a mess!

I am totally having 20 kids when I get married, because they are sweet and not evil at all.


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