Thursday, September 02, 2004

Grinding away.
I don't memorize things very well without some kind of mnemonic, so when I'm doing vocabulary flashcards there's usually some sort of bizarre story-writing process going on for each new word:

EGG: γŸγΎγ” (TAMAGO)
Man #1: You, there, Man #2.
Man #2: Ah, Man #1. How are you?
Man #1: I'm fine. Say, do you eat eggs, Sir?
Man #2: No, I do not. I did, however, a long tamago.

See?? It's funny, with the time ago and the way it sounds know...*cough*. Anyway, a strange thought hit me this morning: what if I run out of space in my head for new mnemonics? I mean, there are thousands and thousands of words and phrases in Japanese, and I've only got the one brain...then I sort of woke up a bit, rubbed my eyes, and remembered that my brain isn't an iPod.


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