Friday, October 01, 2004

Back into anime.
I was pretty deeply into anime when I was living back in the States, as the unfortunate photos of me in full Captain Tylor regalia on A Fan's View show (you'll have to find them yourself). Anyway, it was pretty hard to keep up with it once I moved to Korea -- it's all dubbed in Korean here (duh), so availability has been pretty much limited to the few DVDs that bother to include an English subtitle track.

Anyway, I was talking to my friend Ash, and she told me about this amazing series called Hikaru no Go...basically, a kid is rooting around for things to pawn when he finds an ancient Go board which is possessed by the spirit of a long-deceased Go instructor. He jumps into the kid, and can only be calmed by a rousing game of Go, so the kid's got no choice but to play. I guess it's gotten so popular in Japan that kids are starting to get back into Go, previously the terrain of very old men...

Well, I love it. It's funny like you wouldn't believe, and well worth getting a few Torrents worth. Come to think of it, it might play in Korea, now that the restrictions on Japanese imports are loosening. They do lots of Go here ('Paduk' in Korean...)


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