Saturday, January 15, 2005

Coulda been worse.
Well, I went out to Hongdae last night. I don't know why -- it might have been more intelligent to stay home during the flap, but I felt that I needed to fight for my rights. To party. *cough*

Anyway, no problems. We went to a smaller place than we might usually go, and there weren't any issues (though I did see a rather hilarious pantomime of a foreigner getting 'beaten up' by a Korean girl, all in good fun). I was sort of mulling things over, and I think I've been able to order my seems like Korea is becoming more streetwise, I guess, all in a hurry, with nobody to gently tell them how things are. They need to realize that just because someone is speaking English and has a big nose doesn't make them qualified in any way to be left alone with children. I'd recommend testing all applicants at the government level, and stricter enforcement of visa status.


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