Wednesday, January 12, 2005

I just finished watching Jobs' keynote at Macworld (although I must confess to skipping John Mayer's song at the end). It was full of black-turtlenecky goodness. A few thoughts:

1. Steve knows how to cover a bug. At one point early on, the preview of OSX Tiger fudges. Steve reaches over, clicks a switch, and there's a new desktop right there. "That's why HERE we have BACKUPS." Classic.

2. I really like the idea of the Mac Mini. 256 megs of RAM is quite enough to have a functional OSX machine -- I played around with an iBook at the Apple store here, and it was plenty snappy with just that much. Also, it's pretty expandable for what it is. If you have a monitor, you could start with their top-end config (80GB hard drive, 1.42GHz PPC), throw in wireless and Bluetooth, an Apple wireless keyboard and mouse, a DVD burner, and another half-gig of RAM (3rd party - Apple RAM prices are nutty), and you'd have a totally sweet wireless desktop/photo studio/music lab/DVD authoring thing for about $1000. And less if you could scam educational pricing out of someone.

3. The updates to iLife and OSX are sweet. You kind of have to watch the keynote to see what I mean. Oh, and yay for iWork, I guess.

4. The iPod Shuffle. Ok, I can't predict anything when it comes to iPods. I thought the original was kind of so-so and expensive. Whoops, it's an international phenomenon. I thought the mini was too expensive. Whoops, it's an international phenomenon. I thought the iPod Photo was really cool, and I bought one. It hasn't been selling very well, from what I hear. And now this. I don't know what Apple's thinking, but I'm done trying to figure them out. I predict they'll sell 2 million units this first quarter. Or none. Somewhere in there.


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