Sunday, February 20, 2005

Aw, crap.

Allow me to degenerate into 14-year-old-girl LiveJournal mode for a moment.

They've opened a very nice piercing shop in Hongdae. It's quite a surprising thing to see in Seoul, even these days; until recently people didn't get pierced too much, and so there just wasn't much call for a place that would stick chunks of metal in your tongue. That's changing quickly, as the rest of Korea changes, and...ANYWAY, nice selection, you should go sometime, blah blah blah.

And there's a girl there with an awful lot of hardware in her face. We met a few weeks ago when my friend went to have some spacers put in his ears (he's getting those biggish-hole-through-the-ear things done), and she got all flustered and cute, so the next time we went in there I got her a rose, and she got all flustered and cute again. Last night she gave me this bix box of Valentine's chocolate (above) that she apparently *made*, and it was just so adorable...

I've dated *beautiful women* here, and a few things have sunk in: the beautiful women know that they're beautiful, and their hobby is making themselves look pretty. You can take them to expensive restaurants, and you'd better, if you expect them to hang around very long. You cannot take them to that amusing dive bar where you met those awesome people from Iceland, because that bar is dirty and cheap, and what were you thinking? This is not that kind of woman. This is the kind of woman that I would date, and the kind of woman who could almost, almost keep me in Korea. And I'm leaving in a week. And we're almost totally unable to communicate. But still...crush.


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