Thursday, February 03, 2005

No, no, NO.
Ok, so PDA sales are way down. From this article:

This drop stresses the urgent need for suppliers to evolve their devices beyond personal information management in order to return the market to a growth path.

Wrong, WRONG. When the Palm first came out, it was a reasonably-priced data management system that helped you keep control of your life -- basically a daytimer with batteries that could be easily worked with a computer. When people wondered why Palm was doing so well against the Pocket PC models, they responded that people were looking for a replacement for a piece of paper, not a replacement for a computer. Well, those geniuses at Palm have crammed so much techno crap into their PDAs now that they start at $3oo bucks, and that's with a new phone plan. I think they need to start offering simple, crisply backlit B&W models for $99 or something -- offer one with a built-in cell phone for a bit more, maybe. I can see the need for these high-end devices for some people, but they're forgetting that some people still want an easy-to-use way of keeping their dental appointments straight.

I mean, look at this thing. It looks like something the Terminator would barf up after a hard night on the town.
::UPDATE:: Oh. They still sell basically what I was talking about. Thanks, Nate.


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