Sunday, July 31, 2005

Dave's Big Pachinko Adventure.
I did my best to show Dave around the major bits of Tokyo this weekend -- or at least the bits I'm familiar with (read: Yamanote line only), and I told him that he had to at least give Pachinko a stab while he was in. We went into one of the seedier-looking places in Shibuya.

It was pretty obvious that we didn't exactly know what we were doing. We got a couple of pre-paid 1000-yen cards, but we couldn't get them to work in the machines, and had to get an attendant over to help. As per the usual, I lost my 1000 yen almost instantly, but Dave...

Well, Dave kept playing. And playing. Thing was, we hadn't eaten at that point, and both of us were getting pretty hungry, but the machine kept spitting out balls. We tried to get up and leave (I tried a mumbled boku no tomodachi wa ikidai desu), but the attendant assured us that we were in Lucky Bonus Modo, and leaving is quite impossible when you're in Lucky Bonus Modo. Finally, and hour and four trays of balls later, we were able to scoot off to the the gift shop.

Now, for those of you who don't know, gambling for money is totally illegal in Japan, so you can't get money for your Pachinko balls, only small gifts. I indicated that we wanted something small, and we were presented with some lovely medals in plastic cases. The odd thing is, there's a little store around the corner that loves to buy medals in plastic cases for delicious Cash Money (amazing, I know!), so we headed over there. Anyway, to sum up, Dave won about 20,000 yen last night on his first try, and hopefully he doesn't now have a new hobby.


Anonymous Mom said...

Isn't that just an AMAZING coincidence!!!!!

1:40 PM  
Anonymous Nate said...

Hah, Dave's prolly gonna turn into a gambling fiend, due to your bad influence!!

9:14 PM  

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