Sunday, August 28, 2005

Tokyo Update: Supplemental.
Had a pretty good trip to Tokyo with Lex last week. Since my friends generally go less for temples-and-museums-style trips, we just sort of went around the Yamanote line and did a sorta junk food pop culture trip. We started off with a trip up the government building in Shinjuku, which is actually pretty great: amazing view, lots of free maps and literature, and (best of all) *totally free*. We followed it up with a run through Harajuku to see the EGLs and cosplayers do their thing, past the street bands in the park to Shibuya, and finally a ride over to Akihabara for a look at Otaku Central.

And, ok, we went to a maid cafe. If you didn't know, that's basically a coffee shop where all the waitresses dress up like maids (complete with cat ears!), and stir sugar into your coffee and pretend to be fascinated by whatever you might have to say. It's actually quite fun...and according to our maid, Iori, they just opened a branch in Oyama, so I guess I won't have so far to go next time...


Anonymous Bethy the Kid said...

That's kind of creepy and kind of neat at the same time. Do they have guys in maid outfits with cat ears? If I ever get to Tokyo in the near future (ie-never), you shall have to show me one.

1:11 AM  
Blogger NSG said...

No, but some of the maids put their neko mimi on the visiting otaku there. Oh, and there were some guys there, but not in costume. Tended the cash register and the like. I'll be glad to show you around the old Yamanote line! We'll hook you up with a place on my floor, or a manga-kissaten or something.

1:15 AM  
Anonymous Bethy the Kid said...

Wow, those are some brave girls, to put their ears on random otaku-guys all day (no offense to you). ^^;; And I was about to say they're probably tipped handsomely, but you don't tip in Asia, do you?

Aww, you're too good to me. And excuse my gaijin-ignorance, but what's a manga-kissaten?

11:52 AM  
Blogger NSG said...

Well, brave, or handsomely compensated, or both. I'm guessing the patience of a saint and a couple hundred yen more an hour than you'd get at McDonald's. Maybe they're wannabe seiyuu holding out to be discovered -- that's where I'd work. No tipping! But for an extra fee, you can do puri-kura with them and the like.

Manga-kissa are net cafes, but you can get a 'night pack' (7 hours or so, depending) for $15-$20, and there's usually enough space to stretch out and take a nap. Dead cheapest night's sleep in Tokyo, short of a park bench. (My friend tried that, and there's a mosquito issue involved...)

1:41 AM  
Anonymous ShonenTokyo said...

heheh, so I just got to Tokyo and I've almost worked up enough courage (or whatever it is) to go to one of these.

8:44 PM  

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