Monday, October 03, 2005

English 101: English for Otaku.
Got an interesting (cool?) book at the local Animate store's called Moetan: Methodology of English, the Academic Necessity. Basically it's an English vocab cram book to help prepare Japanese students for the English portion of their entrance exams. The great part is that it's written entirely for otaku -- all the example sentences are nerd related. Check it out:

Even if you are a man who is only interested in two-dimensional beautiful girls, you will accept a real girl when she declares herself.

The power of magical spells depends on mental concentration.

How did the awareness of animation affect your life?

The robot can launch missiles from its arms, head, and elbows.

Due to divine protection, the damage of the undead monster was reduced to 60%.

As long as I continue my hobby, I can't invite my girlfriend into my room.

I just cannot get interested in a female in the real world.

It kind of gets...more disturbing from there. It's a little creepy to see just how far down the old rabbit hole goes over here, sometimes...

Anyway, maybe I'll put up some more later.


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